Avon Capital Estates operates a property investment and management business focusing on the UK industrial and business park sector.

The business was
launched in 2002.
However, this evolved from the partnership of two family property businesses established about 45 years ago. Avon's approach is to invest 'side by side' with partners to build long term value and to deliver reliable earnings and cash flow.

Investment properties currently under management include approximately 1.4 million square feet (130,000 square metres) of lettable space, with around 110 tenants in 185 units distributed over 27 properties or estates in 19 regional UK locations spanning the North and South West of England and across the Midlands.

There are many
well-known national and international tenants in Avon's portfolio, including the Royal Mail, Cable & Wireless, Inchcape, the UK National Health Service, General Dynamics (USA), Alcatel (France), Liverpool John Moores University, O2 (Telefonica O2 Europe plc (Spain) and Alpine Electronics Inc. (Japan).

Avon Capital Estates Management Limited
is authorised and
regulated by the Financial Services Authority

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