Strategy & Goals

Our business is based on a long term partnership philosophy with:

  • Our tenants: where we aim to build strong relationships and offer a personal as well as professional service
  • Our investment partners: where we invest “side by side” with our partners – we and our families together are the largest investors in the vehicles we manage
  • The key members of our team: characterised by “tried and tested” relationships based on years of performance and trust.

Our approach to business combines:

  • A “pure play” investment based on an asset class which:
    • is financially attractive and strategically vital to the UK economy and
    • we understand well
  • A transparent, efficient, “low overhead” business model
  • Property management, property investment and investment banking experience
  • High professional standards with “family” values which support long term relationships and reliable performance.

Our strategy is to create a high quality UK industrial property portfolio based on the fundamental goals of:

  • A product offering which offers high quality, sustainable value for money for our tenants - now and in the future
  • long term reliability and growth in rental income
  • high current income (and cash) returns relative to comparable asset classes
  • safety of invested capital (wealth preservation)
  • potential for future capital value growth
  • geographic location and earnings stream balance and diversification
  • risk resistance, income security and credit strength
  • tenant industry profile balance
  • product offering balance
  • assets with active management opportunities.